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About  Concetta

Born and raised in Brookyn, NY, I was the first person in my large Italian family to leave the familiar comforts of the Northeast and pioneer out to the Wild West. I currently love live in Orange County, CA with my husband, two boys, dog, bunny, fish, and wall-to-wall bookcases. It has certainly been an adventure with a few interesting pitstops along the way.

I graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a degree in Journalism and a focus in Broadcast News. Since then, I've worked as an on-air, and online reporter and producer for several local affiliate TV news stations including CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS covering everything from Governor Charlie Crist's inauguration to the famous Strawberry Festival. Additionally, I worked in radio as an on-air traffic reporter for Clear Channel Communications, and a local beat reporter for the community powered WMNF Radio station. And back when printed newspapers were still a thing, I did some coverage for several local publications.


In 2012, I moved out to California to pursue an online producer position at Entertainment Tonight, and later worked at the Cooking Channel as an online content producer for the show, Extra Virgin, starring Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos.  

Since then, I have dabbled in acting which led to me spending a month in Georgia working on the independent film, Inheritance, Italian Style, which can be viewed on Amazon and Hulu. I then spent a few years following the circus around the country for a documentary. I met some of the most fascinating people, travelled to over 15 states and wore every hat possible on and off the field. These days, I continue to freelance as a multimedia reporter and producer for the statewide show, California Life HD. If you check out my Youtube channel or social media pages, you will find that I am also obsessed with cooking and have auditioned for several seasons of The Next Food Network Star as well as other food shows. 

And then there's the "writing children's stories" portion of my varied resume. This genre of writing has always been an interest of mine, and over the years, this interest has turned into an obsession. The children's book section has always been my favorite part of the book store and even as an adult, I have never stopped enjoying reading those kind of stories. There's just something about the smell, bright colors and sound of a crisp page turning. Currently, I am an active member of SCBWI since 2016, and proud recipient of a 1st place award for Best Picture Book at the 2019 SCBWI SoCal Authors and Illustrators Day in Cal State Fullerton. Additionally, I’ve organized and run a local Picture Book Critique Group with over 200 Meetup members.

I look forward to the continued journey of transitioning from pre-published to published. 

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